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  • A hybrid approach to machine-tool selection through AHP and simulation 

    Authors:Ayaǧ, Zeki
    Publisher and Date:(Taylor & Francis, 2007)
    The selection process of a machine tool has been a critical issue for companies for years because the improper selection of a machine tool might cause many problems having a negative effect on productivity precision flexibility and a company's responsive manufacturing capabilities. Therefore in this paper to determine the best machine tool satisfying the needs and expectations of a manufacturing organization among a set of possible alternatives in the market a hybrid approach is proposed which ...

  • Evaluation of Influenza Intervention Strategies in Turkey with Fuzzy AHP-VIKOR 

    Authors:Samanlıoğlu, Funda
    Publisher and Date:(Hindawi LTD, 2019)
    In this study, a fuzzy AHP-VIKOR method is presented to help decision makers (DMs), especially physicians, evaluate and rank intervention strategies for influenza. Selecting the best intervention strategy is a sophisticated multiple criteria decision-making (MCDM) problem with potentially competing criteria. Two fuzzy MCDM methods, fuzzy analytic hierarchy process (F-AHP) and fuzzy VIsekriterijumska optimizacija i KOmpromisno Resenje (F-VIKOR), are integrated to evaluate and rank influenza ...