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  • A Country Under Siege: Reflection of Identity Crisis on the Formation of Public Opinion in Turkey 

    To date academic attention in social sciences remains inadequate with regard to research and analysis of public opinion in Turkey. Most of the existing research has assessed the public opinion during political election periods. Therefore it is of great interest to find out what the public thinks about current issues in the country and how to interpret the results to be able to reveal whether they may have any reflections on social political and cultural structure of the country. The current study ...

  • Arap baharı sonrası Türkiye - Suriye krizinde Türk medyasının tavrı 

    Authors:Temel, Muhlis
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2014)
    Uluslararası ilişkilerde devletlerin dış politika kararlarında kamuoyu desteğini almaları önemlidir. İktidarlar, dış politika kararlarında kamuoyunun desteğini alabilmek adına sık sık propaganda yoluna başvururlar. Propagandanın temel aracı ise medyadır. Medya için geniş kitleleri etkileyen dış politika haberlerinde, milliyetçilikten bağımsız, tarafsız yayıncılık yapması oldukça güçtür. Haber medyası dış politika haberlerinde iktidarın söylemlerini ön planda tutmaktadır. Araştırmamızda dış politika ...

  • Deepening Polarization in Turkish Society: The Impact of Political Actors on Public Opinion 

    Recent research shows that polarization trends are on the rise in Turkey (Konda 2010; BILGESAM 2014: Erdogan 2016: Kadir Has University Turkey Research Center 2017). There are different patterns of polarization in Turkish social and political structure, while its consequences reveal themselves in the political rhetoric, media discourse and voting behavior. There is not much research done in social sciences with regard to the research of polarization and its underlying factors in Turkey. To be able ...

  • Digital crime and punishment: Turkish online journalism under siege 

    Turkish mass media since its beginnings in late 19th century has aimed to gain its role as the fourth estate in Turkish political scene. The freedom of press has been at the paramount of discussions since the foundation of the Turkish Republic in 1923. Between 1980 and 2000 Turkish media grew more and more liberal and was able to express discontent publicly exercising its checks and balances function. On the other hand the conservative majority of AKP government the governing party in Turkey brought ...

  • Elderly People's Choice of Media and their Perceived State of Loneliness 

    This study aims at finding the relationship between elderly people's perceived state of loneliness and their choice of (old and/or new) media instruments. The sample of the study consists of randomly selected 300 elderly people over 60 who reside in rest homes in two different cities, Hatay and Istanbul in Turkey. Participants were given a questionnaire with three sections. The first section included questions related to the participants' demographic characteristics. Adapted from Russell's (1996) ...

  • Futbol karşılaşmalarına ilişkin yayın haklarının hukuki niteliği 

    Authors:Aybey, Simge
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2010)
    Son yıllarda dünyada ve ülkemizde hızlıca ekonomik değeri artan futbol yayın haklarının pazarlanması spor hukukunun en rağbet gören meselesi olmuştur. Bir süre hukuk tarafından düzenlenmesi zaman alan yayın haklarının devri, daha çok içtihadlarla denetlenmiştir.Ülkemizde yayın hakları havuz sistemi olarak Türkiye Futbol Federasyonu tarafından pazarlanmakta ve bu durum zamanla yayın hakkı sahibinin kim olduğu ve yayın haklarının hukuki açıdan nasıl korunabileceği sorusunu ortaya çıkarmıştır. Bu ...

  • Illusion or reality? The balance between security and freedom of expression in the United States and Turkey 

    Censorship is no longer limited to traditional media such as print media and TV. With the invention of Internet, the impact of censorship is felt much more strongly with regard to new media related resources of information and communication. With the escalation of terrorism in the 21stcentury, the governments all around the world have begun to use terrorist incidents as the main justification in their efforts to curb freedoms. Within this context, the primary argument of the governments in regulating ...

  • Intimate engagements of the public kind 

    Authors:Soysal, Levent
    Publisher and Date:(2010)
    Cultural intimacy, both the book and the concept, privileges the nation-state as the site of doing and writing ethnography and understanding sociality in a world customarily designated "globalizing." Not only have we placed our lives and sociality increasingly outside the privacy of our homes and offices; importantly, intimacies are experienced in virtual worlds where privacy proper as well as conventional idioms of ethnographic practice are no longer operational. This paper deploys public intimacy ...

  • İz adlı kısa film çalışmasının yaratım süreci 

    Authors:Gökbayrak, Simge
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2011)
    Bu çalışmada; Film ve Drama Yüksek Lisans Programı'nda yönetmenlik odak alanlı eğitim gören Simge Gökbayrak'ın ?İz? adlı kısa filmi çekme süreci ele alınmıştır. Filmde 'haber alma' durumu üzerinden kitle iletişim araçlarının günümüz toplumuna etkisi duyarsızlaşma, alışma ve Baudlliard'ın Simülasyon Kavramı ve kitle iletişm araçlarına bakışı bağlamında değerlendirilecektir.

  • 'Just the way my generation reads the news': News consumption habits of youth in Turkey and the UK 

    Authors:Yanardağoğlu, Eylem
    Publisher and Date:(Sage Publications Ltd, 2020)
    Audiences' media use and news consumption behaviour are constantly shifting. Some scholars note that the growing decline in youth's news consumption raises concerns about the future of democracy in various media systems. This research explores the factors that influence college students' news consumption behaviour in the United Kingdom and Turkey through an interpretative approach. The data are based on qualitative in-depth interviews with around 50 students studying in major universities in London ...

  • Medya ve siyaset ilişkisi içerisinde Türkiye'de gazetecilik ve sansür 

    Authors:Sevginer, Pınar
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2012)
    Bu çalışmada, çağdaş demokrasilerde medyaya atfedilen rol ve gazetecilik ideali ele alınırken; 1980 sonrası yapısal olarak dönüşüme uğrayan Türk medya sektöründeki değişimler ve bu değişimin gazeteci kimliğine yansımaları ortaya konmaktadır. Dönüşüme uğrayan medya yapısının tarihsel süreci anlatılırken, medya siyaset ilişkisinde yaşananların, gazetecilik mesleğine etkileri somut örneklerle aktarılmıştır.Araştırmanın özgün bölümünü mesleğin içinde yer almış, gazetecilik akademisyeni ve basın ? yayın ...

  • Publishing leaked information as news: Sabotage or journalistic success? 

    Authors:Baybars Hawks, Banu; Smith, Ayten Gorgun
    Publisher and Date:(2013)
    This article aims to analyse the universal news criteria regarding the transformation of information into news. In February 2013 the transcript of a meeting between 3 pro-Kurdish deputies and the jailed leader of the PKK (the Kurdistan Workers Party) was leaked to the Turkish press. This was published in Milliyet a national Turkish newspaper and has been interpreted as a forceful move to sabotage the positive atmosphere surrounding Turkey's latest efforts with the PKK to end a conflict that has ...

  • Who sets the agenda in Turkey? Recent political and social trends in Turkish public opinion 

    Authors:Baybars Hawks, Banu
    Publisher and Date:(Common Ground Research Networks, 2015)
    In terms of scholarly research and understanding the national social and political systems and policies the need exists for an empirical assessment of recent trends in public opinion in Turkey. Accordingly the current study seeks to fill the gap in the social sciences literature in English regarding Turkey's social and political stand which may be perceived to be very different by other nations. Without timely feedback from public surveys various programs for improving different services and ...

  • Will peace flourish in the end? The history of suffering: Terrorism in Turkey 

    Authors:Baybars Hawks, Banu
    Publisher and Date:(2013)
    For the past 30 years, the PKK has launched a campaign of terror in Turkey. Despite the rise and fall of attacks throughout the years, the PKK's terrorist activities have never completely ended. Through the recent initiative of the Turkish government, negotiations focusing on pacification have been launched with the leader of the PKK, Abdullah Öcalan, who is still in prison on Imrali Island. We have yet to see the outcome of this process. Terrorism is not simply about killing people; it is about ...