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  • Ethnic fractionalization conflict and educational development in Turkey 

    Authors:Oyvat, Cem; Tekgüç, Hasan
    Publisher and Date:(Pergamon-Elsevier Science Ltd, 2019)
    We examine the impact of ethnic fractionalization and conflict on limiting the educational development in Southeastern Turkey. Our estimates show that although the armed conflict in the region did not directly hinder education investments it reduced school enrolment rates at middle and high school levels while increasing enrolment at the primary school level. Moreover we show that provinces with higher percentages of Kurdish population received less education investment. These results suggest that ...

  • Geopolitics and gas-transit security through pipelines 

    Hydrocarbons are valuable only if they can be transited from where they are produced to where they are consumed. Despite the enduring importance of transit to the global energy system, the topic did not begin to be extensively analyzed until contentious relations between Russia and Ukraine disrupted natural gas flows to Europe in 2006. This chapter examines the geopolitics and security of transiting gas through pipelines by exploring the connection between geography, global energy strategies, and ...

  • International financial crises and the political economy of financial reforms in Turkey: 1994-2009 

    Authors:Şakar, Birgül
    Publisher and Date:(2009)
    This study1 holds for the formation of international financial crisis and political factors for economic crisis in Turkey are evaluated in chronological order. The international arena and relevant studies conducted in Turkey work in the literature are assessed. The main purpose of the study is to hold the linkage between the crises and political stability in Turkey in details and to examine the position of Turkey in this regard. The introduction part follows the literature survey on the models ...

  • Is the press really free?: The recent conflict between the government and media in Turkey 

    Authors:Baybars Hawks, Banu
    Publisher and Date:(2011)
    The history of the relationship between the press and the government dates back to the period of Ottoman Empire but became significantly strained after the foundation of the Turkish Republic. A historical and political economic analysis shows that successive governments in Turkey have found new methods to censor the media as the country's democracy moves towards consolidation. Since 2000 a familiar pressure has been brought to bear on the Turkish media from the conservative majority AKP government ...