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  • A New Preconditioner Design Based on Spectral Division for Power Flow Analysis 

    Solution of large sparse linear systems is the most lime consuming part in many power system simulations. Direct solvers based on LU factorization although robust are known to have limited satiability on parallel platforms. Thus. Krylov subspace based iterative methods (i.e. Conjugate Gradient method Generalized Minimal Residuals (GMRES) method) can be used as alternatives. To achieve competitive performance and robustness however the Krylov subspace methods need a suitable preconditioner. In this ...

  • A spectral divide and conquer method based preconditioner design for power flow analysis 

    Authors:Daǧ, Hasan; Yetkin, Emrullah Fatih
    Publisher and Date:(2010)
    Power system simulations most of the time require solution of a large sparse linear system. Traditional methods such as LU decomposition based direct methods are not suitable for parallelization in general. Thus Krylov subspace based iterative methods (i.e. Conjugate Gradient Generalized Minimal Residuals (GMRES)) can be used as very good alternatives compared to direct methods. On the other hand Krylov based iterative solvers need a preconditioner to accelerate the convergence process. In this ...