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  • An Integrated Software Architecture for Bandwidth Adaptive Video Streaming 

    Authors:Arsan, Taner
    Publisher and Date:(World Acad Sci Eng & Tech-Waset, 2008)
    Video streaming over lossy IP networks is very important issues due to the heterogeneous structure of networks. Infrastructure of the Internet exhibits variable bandwidths delays congestions and time-varying packet losses. Because of variable attributes of the Internet video streaming applications should not only have a good end-to-end transport performance but also have a robust rate control furthermore multipath rate allocation mechanism. So for providing the video streaming service quality some ...

  • Dynamic Priority Packet Scheduler with Deadline Considerations (DPD) 

    Authors:Daǧ, Tamer
    Publisher and Date:(INT INST Informatics & Systemics, 2010)
    Providing quality of service (QoS) to applications with different traffic characteristics based on their needs is an important research area for today's and tomorrow's high speed networks. Various techniques have been proposed to achieve good QoS for diverse application types. Among these techniques packet scheduling algorithms decide on how to process packets at network nodes