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  • Deepening Polarization in Turkish Society: The Impact of Political Actors on Public Opinion 

    Recent research shows that polarization trends are on the rise in Turkey (Konda 2010; BILGESAM 2014: Erdogan 2016: Kadir Has University Turkey Research Center 2017). There are different patterns of polarization in Turkish social and political structure, while its consequences reveal themselves in the political rhetoric, media discourse and voting behavior. There is not much research done in social sciences with regard to the research of polarization and its underlying factors in Turkey. To be able ...

  • Shatttered Glass: Salinger's Postwar family saga 

    Authors:Enüst, Gülin
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2013)
    The cultural and social environment of postwar American period and this period?s effects on American family and individual are important themes which are necessary to understand how the values and ethics of the present day America were constructed. Being one of the most prominent authors of his time, J. D. Salinger provides the reader with a detailed and observational perspective about the Postwar American culture and family values with his fictional Glass family that appears in his books Nine ...