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  • Border as "Zone of Indistinction": The State of Exception and the Spectacle of Terror Along Turkey's Border With Syria 

    Authors:Tuncer-Gürkaş, Ezgi
    Publisher and Date:(Sage Publications Inc, 2018)
    Turkey's border with Syria today is a laboratory in which biopolitics and the spectacle coincide in new ways. As a consequence of the ongoing war between the state and Kurdish insurgents, and the state of emergency accompanying it, this border region has incrementally transformed into a zone of indistinction in which the spatial concepts of inside and outside interpenetrate. As exception is normalized, the logic of the camp (in Agamben's sense) tends to become a dispositif. Exceptional routines ...

  • Culture, commodity and spectator under the influence of global industry: The case of Karaköy / Global endüstri etkisi altında kültür, tüketim nesnesi, gösteri izleyicisi: Karaköy örneği 

    Authors:Akbaş, Ozan
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2019)
    The final step industry has evolved into today also provides an excessive method of exhibiting. The transformation of the terminology branched under culture is redefined when the commodities are considered. Until the point of industrialization human history had been replacing forms of cultural production with a newer one. This continued from generation to generation until the mass production was introduced. Starting from the 18th century historic memory has started to fade under the guise of ...

  • Intimate engagements of the public kind 

    Authors:Soysal, Levent
    Publisher and Date:(2010)
    Cultural intimacy, both the book and the concept, privileges the nation-state as the site of doing and writing ethnography and understanding sociality in a world customarily designated "globalizing." Not only have we placed our lives and sociality increasingly outside the privacy of our homes and offices; importantly, intimacies are experienced in virtual worlds where privacy proper as well as conventional idioms of ethnographic practice are no longer operational. This paper deploys public intimacy ...

  • Kent siluetlerinin kentsel miras açısından değerlendirilmesi: İstanbul örneği ve koruma önerileri 

    Authors:Aslan, Ecem
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2019)
    Kent siluetleri kentin geneliyle ilgili dinamikleri ifade etmektedir ve kentleşmiş kültürlerin en önemli sembollerinden birini oluşturmaktadırlar. Kentsel kimliğin önemli bir parçasını oluşturan siluetler kentler için akılda kalıcı temsiller yarattıkları gibi kent belleği ve kentsel miras açısından da önem taşımaktadırlar. İstanbul da kentsel kimliğini çok katmanlı ve tarihi yapısının kolayca algılanmasına izin veren, zaman içinde gelişen siluetiyle ortaya koymaktadır. Eşsiz konumu ve ...

  • Something Queer in İstiklal 

    Authors:Mutlu, Ebru
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2012)
    Gay Pride istanbul is an annual pride march that takes place in istiklal Avenue Taksim for and by LGBT people. The pride march is held at the last day of istanbul LGBT Pride Week which is the week when people gather for panels movies seminars and parties. i argue that Gay Pride istanbul is an important and unique march for LGBT people in Turkey in the name of recognition and is also a certain kind of carnival that Abner Cohen (1993) illustrated in his book. -- Abstract'tan.