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  • Assessing changes in Turkish public opinion: Current trends and future prospects 

    It would be unfair underestimating the accumulated knowledge and efforts which target to assess public opinion on certain issues and put forward effective plans. However many of the research aiming to analyze public opinion handle the issue mostly during political election periods and they do not have much idea about the different actors and factors that would be effective in the formation of public opinion. There is only a few research done in Turkey that measures public opinion regularly. Therefore ...

  • Border as "Zone of Indistinction": The State of Exception and the Spectacle of Terror Along Turkey's Border With Syria 

    Authors:Tuncer-Gürkaş, Ezgi
    Publisher and Date:(Sage Publications Inc, 2018)
    Turkey's border with Syria today is a laboratory in which biopolitics and the spectacle coincide in new ways. As a consequence of the ongoing war between the state and Kurdish insurgents, and the state of emergency accompanying it, this border region has incrementally transformed into a zone of indistinction in which the spatial concepts of inside and outside interpenetrate. As exception is normalized, the logic of the camp (in Agamben's sense) tends to become a dispositif. Exceptional routines ...

  • Sinematik terör : sinemanın terörü ve terörün sineması 

    Authors:Cengiz, Ela
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2018)
    Bu çalışma terör ile sinema arasında bir analoji kuruyor ve bu bağlamda terör sinema ilişkisine odaklanıyor. Bu etkileşimli yüzeyi görünür kılabilmek için önce Zizek ve Baudrillard’ın felsefeleri bağlamında sosyolojik bir terör analizi yapılarak Agamben’e varılıyor. Ardından sinemanın kavramsal tanımı yapılıyor. Bu bağlamda imgeyi sinemanın düşünme tarzı olarak alıyor ve bunu Deleuze’ün hareket-imge, zaman-imge kavramları ile açıklıyor. Buradan hareketle Brazil (Terry Gilliam, 1985), Kurtuluş Günü ...

  • Terror as potentiality - the affective rhythms of the political 

    Authors:Diken, Bülent; Laustsen, Carsten Bagge
    Publisher and Date:(Routledge Journals, 2018)
    The paper addresses the ways in which the cultural, the affective and the political intersect, counter and/or feed upon one another in the context of contemporary terror. Initially, building upon Machiavelli and Hobbes, we deal with the political significance of terror (and the fear it provokes), emphasizing its potentiality, which inscribes future within the present. Then we turn to an analysis of terror in the prism of securitization. Terror, in this respect, amounts to de-materialization (the ...