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  • Converse Tournaments 

    Authors:Keskin, Kerim
    Publisher and Date:(Ege Univ Fac Economics & Admin Sciences, 2019)
    This paper proposes two alternatives to Clark and Riis (1998b)'s sequential model of nested multiple-prize contests. First we consider winning prizes endogenously determined by exerted contest efforts. Second we extend the model to infinitehorizon. We characterize the unique subgame perfect Nash equilibrium in both models and compare the equilibrium strategies with those in the original model.

  • Sabotage in team contests 

    Authors:Dogan, Serhat; Keskin, Kerim; Saglam, Cagri
    Publisher and Date:(Springer, 2019)
    In the contest literature sabotage is defined as a deliberate and costly activity that damages the opponent's likelihood of winning the contest. Most of the existing results suggest that anticipating a possible sabotage contestants would be discouraged from exerting high efforts. In this paper we investigate the act of sabotage in a team contest wherein team members exert costly efforts as a contribution to their team's aggregate effort which in turn determines the contest's outcome. For the ...