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  • An overview of Turkish banking sector after 2000 

    Authors:İslamoğlu, Mehmet; Takim, Abdullah; Kayhan, Fatih
    Publisher and Date:(2012)
    The Turkish Banking Sector has experienced an important transformation since 2000 in terms of structure ownership organization and legislation. This paper examines the Turkish Banking Sector after 2000. More than twenty studies were reviewed and examined in order to have a better understanding of the main developments changes and transformations in the sector after 2000. After examining studies about the subject the findings are summarized in this paper. It is observed that there is a consensus ...

  • Efficiency in Turkish banking: post-restructuring evidence 

    Turkish banking sector went through a significant restructuring process in the aftermath of the country's financial crisis of 2000-2001. In this paper we analyze the evolution of banking performance using a novel approach due to Ray [(2007). Shadow Profit Maximization and a Measure of Overall Inefficiency. Journal of Productivity Analysis 27 231-236]. We derive shadow unrealized profit scores' as well as shadow input-output prices' for each year and bank in the sector from 2002 to 2011. We argue ...