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  • After the Crimean crisis: towards a greater Russian maritime power in the Black Sea 

    Authors:Delanoe, Igor
    Publisher and Date:(Routledge Journals Taylor & Francis Ltd, 2014)
    The modernization of the Black Sea Fleet currently underway is believed to be one of the most ambitious parts of the Russian State Arms Procurement programme 2011-2020. Up to 18 units are being built and are expected to be commissioned in the Russian Black Sea Fleet by 2020 while new infrastructures are being developed. However Russia's annexation of Crimea in March 2014 has overthrown the Black Sea maritime context. It is likely to give substantial impetus to Russian naval plans in the Black Sea ...

  • Batı enerji güvenliği ve Türkiye 

    Bu makale yakın zamanda petrol ve doğalgaz gibi iki önemli ham-madde etrafında gündeme gelen ve soğuk savaş dönemini anımsatan çekişmeyi konu edinmektedir. Makale uluslararası piyasalardaki fıyat artışları sonucu, petrol ve doğalgaz zengini Rusya’nın elinde bulunan dolar rezervlerinin arttığını, buna bağlı olarak Rusya’nın, Stalin dönemini hatırlatan bir yayılmacılık ve etki alanı oluşturmaya çalıştığını tartışmaktadır. Rusya ve Ukrayna arasında boy gösteren bu çatışma bahsi geçen ham ...

  • Militancy Governance under State Failure: Models of Legitimacy Contestation in Ungoverned Spaces 

    Authors:Ünver, Hamid Akın
    Publisher and Date:(2017)
    This article makes an empirical exposition of militancy governance under state failure by focusing on ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria), YPG (People's Protection Units), Luhansk People's Republic and Donetsk People's Republic. Specifically, the article discusses how these groups mobilize different types of grievances and frame their propaganda to exert control over areas where states are weakened. Furthermore, how these groups engage in early modes of pre- and post-territorial control, form ...

  • A moment of elation: The Gezi protests/resistance and the fading of the AKP project 

    Authors:Özel, Soli
    Publisher and Date:(Palgrave Macmillan, 2014)
    Soli Özel situates Gezi in a broader, more global, Y context and offers insights into the societal dynamics that might have led to the June protests. Pointing to the commonalities between social movements in countries as dissimilar as Thailand, Brazil, Ukraine and Greece (or indeed the Arab world), Özel stresses the role of the impoverished middle classes, who try to turn these protests into an opportunity to produce participatory and democratic political spaces. What was put into practice with ...

  • The fog of leadership: How Turkish and Russian presidents manage information constraints and uncertainty in crisis decision-making 

    Leaders choose to mislead their domestic peers when the political risk and cost associated with a particular foreign policy decision is too great and when the structure of the political system in question is too leader-centric to afford these costs being incurred by the leader. This article argues that risk uncertainty and imperfect information are not necessarily external unwanted or unforeseen factors in foreign policy decisions. In certain cases they too are instrumentalized and adopted consciously ...