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  • Design of Phase Shifters with Ladder Stubs Via Real Frequency Technique 

    Authors:Şengül, Metin Y.
    Publisher and Date:(World Scientific, 2020)
    Generally at high frequencies, lumped-elements are not preferred because of their limited range of values. Therefore, in this work, a kind of phase shifter formed with ladder stubs is studied and a new approach to design phase shifter's low pass and high pass sections which are composed of series or shunt connected open-ended or short-ended stubs is proposed. In the approach, since the main focus is to form low pass and high pass two-port sections, switching process is not considered. First, the ...

  • Solution of Lossless Broadband Matching Problems via Insertion Loss Method 

    In this work, lossless broadband matching problem with complex generator and load impedances is solved via insertion loss method that is used to design filters with purely resistive generator and load impedances. In the proposed approach, firstly the power delivered to load impedance before inserting the matching network is calculated. Then the desired power delivered to the load impedance after inserting the matching network is defined. Based on these power values, desired power loss ratio is ...