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  • Designed by Balyan Family: The Sa'dabad Mosque 

    Sa'adabad Mosque was built as an imperial mosque in the Tulip period (1718-1730) which corresponds to the reign of Ahmet III. The mosque was built in an area very popular in the Tulip Period at Kagithane and not in traditional districts of Istanbul such as the historic peninsula Uskudar or Eyup. This unusual choice of location is a reflection of the characteristics of its time. At the second half of the century new and different concepts in architecture were assessed in the Ottoman land and ...

  • The skeletal and heaped characteristic of traditional masonry structures 

    Authors:Alioğlu, Emine Füsun; Alper, Berrin
    Publisher and Date:(2009)
    Just as in all pre-industrial societies the historic structures in Anatolia derive from two materials timber and stone. In timber construction two categories namely heaped construction and skeletal construction are clearly distinguishable. In research to date it can be seen that these categories have been clearly defined and explained. Yet structural definitions in masonry buildings are mostly limited to the term heaped construction. However in traditional masonry structures it is possible to see ...