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  • Models for relief routing: equity efficiency and efficacy 

    In humanitarian relief operations vehicle routing and supply allocation decisions are critically important. Similar routing and allocation decisions are studied for commercial settings where efficiency in terms of minimizing cost is the primary objective. Humanitarian relief is complicated by the presence of multiple objectives beyond minimizing cost. Routing and allocation decisions should result in quick and sufficient distribution of relief supplies with a focus on equitable service to all aid ...

  • Supplier Selection for Framework Agreements in Humanitarian Relief 

    Authors:Balcik, Burcu; Ak, Deniz
    Publisher and Date:(Wiley-Blackwell, 2014)
    In this study we consider the supplier selection problem of a relief organization that wants to establish framework agreements (FAs) with a number of suppliers to ensure quick and cost-effective procurement of relief supplies in responding to sudden-onset disasters. Motivated by the FAs in relief practice we focus on a quantity flexibility contract in which the relief organization commits to purchase a minimum total quantity from each framework supplier over a fixed agreement horizon and in return ...