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  • Crafting truth: Documentary form and meaning 

    Authors:Spence, Louise; Navarro, Vinicius
    Publisher and Date:(Rutgers University Press, 2010)
    Documentaries such as Zana Briski and Ross Kauffman's Born into Brothels, Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11, Jeffrey Blitz's Spellbound, along with March of the Penguins and An Inconvenient Truth have achieved critical as well as popular success. Although nonfiction film may have captured imaginations, many viewers enter and leave theaters with a nanve concept of "truth" and "reality"-for them, documentaries are information sources. But is truth or reality readily available, easily acquired, or ...

  • Cultivating global entrepreneurs in the food supply chain 

    Authors:Chen, Yesho; Polat, İsmail Hakkı
    Publisher and Date:(IGI Global, 2016)
    Food supply chain from an entrepreneur's perspective has many needs today. To cultivate food entrepreneurs addressing the growing global demand in food, there is an emerging trend in integrating vital players in food supply chain to form food clusters. Like most of start-up entrepreneurs in other industries, food entrepreneurs have their challenges of identifying market opportunities, building a trusted management team, and securing funding sources to run the businesses. They also need facilities ...

  • Orienting Istanbul: Cultural capital of Europe? 

    Looking at the globalization, urban regeneration, arts events and cultural spectacles, this book considers a city not until now included in the global city debate. Divided into five parts, each preceded by an editorial introduction, this book is an interdisciplinary study of an iconic city, a city facing conflicting social, political and cultural pressures in its search for a place in Europe and on the world stage in the twenty-first century.

  • Turkish immigration, art and narratives of home in France 

    Authors:Schneider, Annedith
    Publisher and Date:(Manchester University Press, 2016)
    Turkish immigration, art and narratives of home in France argues for a cultural, rather than a sociological or economic, approach to understanding how immigrants become part of their new country. In contrast to the language of integration or assimilation which evaluates an immigrant's success in relation to a static endpoint (e.g. integrated or not), 'settling' is a more useful metaphor. Immigrants and their descendants are not definitively 'settled', but rather engage in an ongoing process of ...

  • Validity issues of digital trace date for platform as a service: A network science perspective 

    Data validity becomes a prominent research area in the context of data science driven research in the past years. In this study, we consider an application development on a cloud computing platform as a promising research area to examine digital trace data belonging to records of development activity undertaken. Trace data display such characteristics as found data that is not especially produced for research, event-based, and longitudinal, i.e., occurring over a period of time. Having these ...