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  • Dark Patches in Clustering 

    Authors:Ishaq, Waqar; Büyükkaya, Eliya
    Publisher and Date:(IEEE, 2017)
    This survey highlights issues in clustering which hinder in achieving optimal solution or generates inconsistent outputs. We called such malignancies as dark patches. We focus on the issues relating to clustering rather than concepts and techniques of clustering. For better insight into the issues of clustering we categorize dark patches into three classes and then compare various clustering methods to analyze distributed datasets with respect to classes of dark patches rather than conventional ...

  • VCC-BPS: Vertical Collaborative Clustering using Bit Plane Slicing 

    The vertical collaborative clustering aims to unravel the hidden structure of data (similarity) among different sites, which will help data owners to make a smart decision without sharing actual data. For example, various hospitals located in different regions want to investigate the structure of common disease among people of different populations to identify latent causes without sharing actual data with other hospitals. Similarly, a chain of regional educational institutions wants to evaluate ...