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  • Frustrated Potts model: Multiplicity eliminates chaos via reentrance 

    Authors:Türkoğlu, Alpar; Berker, A. Nihat
    Publisher and Date:(Amer Physical Soc, 2020)
    The frustrated q-state Potts model is solved exactly on a hierarchical lattice, yielding chaos under rescaling, namely, the signature of a spin-glass phase, as previously seen for the Ising (q = 2) model. However, the ground-state entropy introduced by the (q > 2)-state antiferromagnetic Potts bond induces an escape from chaos as multiplicity q increases. The frustration versus multiplicity phase diagram has a reentrant (as a function of frustration) chaotic phase.

  • Revealing Dynamics, Communities, and Criticality from Data 

    Complex systems such as ecological communities and neuron networks are essential parts of our everyday lives. These systems are composed of units which interact through intricate networks. The ability to predict sudden changes in the dynamics of these networks, known as critical transitions, from data is important to avert disastrous consequences of major disruptions. Predicting such changes is a major challenge as it requires forecasting the behavior for parameter ranges for which no data on the ...