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  • Foster impedance data modeling via singly terminated LC ladder networks 

    In this work a lossless model is developed for the given Foster impedance data. In the model a 2-port short-or open-terminated LC ladder is used. After applying the proposed algorithm a realizable driving-point reactance function that fits the given data is obtained. Next this function is synthesized resulting in the desired model. In the algorithm there is no need to select a circuit topology for the model. Two examples are given to illustrate the utilization of the proposed modeling algorithm.

  • Shifted-modified Chebyshev filters 

    This paper introduces a new type of filter approximation method that utilizes shifted-modified Chebyshev filters. Construction of the new filters involves the use of shifted-modified Chebyshev polynomials that are formed using the roots of conventional Chebyshev polynomials. The study also includes 2 tables containing the shifted-modified Chebyshev polynomials and the normalized element values for the low-pass prototype filters up to degree 6. The transducer power gain group delay and impulse and ...