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  • An Applied Analysis for whether the Relation between Innovation and Foreign Direct Investment is Vicious for Turkey after the early 1980s 

    Authors:Doruk, Ömer Tuğsal
    Publisher and Date:(Elsevier Science Bv, 2016)
    The relation between innovation and foreign direct investment (FDI) is investigated in this paper by using time series Vector Autoregression (VAR) method. The main research question of the paper is whether FDI contributes on development of innovation in Turkey or vice versa. In Turkey after the structural transformations in Turkish economy export led growth is taken as vein that feeds to the economic development and thus importance of foreign direct investments have been increasing in the post-1980 ...

  • An Illustration of 'Strategic Early Warning System' Software and Its Use as a Decision-Making Aid for Professional Football (Soccer) Clubs 

    Authors:Bisson, Christophe; Büyüktürk, Bora
    Publisher and Date:(Destech Publications, 2014)
    All economic sectors under the influence of globalization deregulation and growth of Information Technology and Communication are in constant change face a fiercer competition and 'big data'. One solution to address these phenomena is the Strategic Early Warning System. A method of the Strategic Early Warning System and its related software have been developed by Christophe Bisson. This paper shows the importance of the created software through the case of the strategic management of professional ...

  • Global Integration Strategies In Times Of Crisis - An Event Study Of The Impact The Global Financial Crisis Has On Turkish Subsidiaries' Exporting Strategies 

    Authors:Jensen, Camilla
    Publisher and Date:(Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 2017)
    Past research suggests that a financial crisis event has a dual and ambiguous effect on the exporting strategy of subsidiaries of multinational firms in a value chain and offshoring perspective. From a total volume perspective exports are expected to contract due to a decline in demand (demand shock) from other subsidiaries downstream in the value chain. While in a comparative perspective multinational subsidiaries are found to perform relatively better than local firms that are integrated differently ...

  • Panel Data Analysis of Foreign Direct Investment and Poverty from the Perspective of Developing Countries 

    Authors:Ucal, Meltem Şengün
    Publisher and Date:(Elsevier Science, 2014)
    The purpose of this paper is to assess the relationship between foreign direct investment (FDI) and poverty at the macro-pathway in selected developing countries. The contribution to host countries from FDI can take several forms such as the transfer of technology human capital development increased competition in domestic markets and the generation of corporate tax revenues among others. The paper develops a data set and an econometric model to analyse FDI flows and poverty relations at the macro ...

  • Parametric bootstrap model selection criterion with in linear model compared to other criteria 

    Authors:Ucal, Meltem Şengün
    Publisher and Date:(INT INST Informatics & Systemics, 2005)
    The most important stage of econometrics estimation is the in model set up. The model set up has the best prediction ability and is therefore suitable for econometrics estimation. Between the dependent variable Y and other independent explanatory variables X must be a strong relationship in econometrics estimation. However all explanatory variables cannot be related to dependent variable Y. This condition creates a regression problem. A similar problem appears in variable selection equivalent to ...

  • The Russian Policies in the South Caucasus 

    Authors:Çelikpala, Mitat
    Publisher and Date:(IOS Press, 2011)
    In the post-2000 period, Russia's relations with the former Soviet geography, or its "near abroad," are dominated by such issues as energy, namely the dependence of the surrounding countries on Russia, changes in the trade patterns and the impact of globalization, the fight with terrorism, entrenched ethnic conflicts, and the enlargement of Western structures including NATO. In this general framework, the Caucasus has had a special importance for Russia due to its geopolitical and strategic position ...

  • Terrorist Threats to Energy Critical Infrastructure Technology and Protection Systems 

    Authors:Çelikpala, Mitat
    Publisher and Date:(IOS Press, 2013)
    Critical infrastructure is an umbrella term referring to a country's assets that are essential to the nation's security public health and safety economic vitality and way of life. This infrastructure is owned or operated by both the public and the private sector. All agencies responsible for protecting the critical infrastructure act to mitigate the risks through implementing risk management techniques. Even the best security management plans and legislation which compel their enforcement are ...

  • Turkey's Caucasus Policies 

    Authors:Aydın, Mustafa
    Publisher and Date:(IOS Press, 2011)
    The emergence of newly independent states in the Caucasus at the end of the Cold War presented challenges to Turkey while enlarging its role. The collapse of the Soviet Union removed the century-old Soviet/Russian threat while at the same time created a power vacuum on Turkey's borders. In this environment Turkey became an important actor in the region as a result of its strong historical connections. While Turkey had traditionally avoided involvement in regional politics it has since been drawn ...

  • Turkish Foreign Policy and Cross-border Cooperation in the South Caucasus 

    Authors:Çelikpala, Mitat
    Publisher and Date:(IOS Press, 2013)
    This article aims at a comprehensive evaluation of Turkey's foreign policy in the Caucasus after 2008. An assessment related to the responses given and the steps taken by Turkey with respect to the emergent events would facilitate the comprehension of Turkish foreign policy parameters in general. Throughout the article Turkey's foreign policy in the South Caucasus will be discussed under topics such as the Caucasus Stability and Cooperation Platform which was proposed by Turkey as an attempt to ...