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  • A new China: Media portrayal of Chinese mega-cities 

    Authors:Sevin, Efe; Bjorner, Emma
    Publisher and Date:(Palgrave Macmillan Ltd., 2015)
    During the last two decades China has started to leave its closed-door policies in the international arena behind and has shown signs of participating in the global economy. Politically and economically China has been developing further relations with the rest of the world. The country points to its mega-cities in its official 5-year plans to facilitate and execute the outreach attempts. In this article we analyze the media representations of two of these mega-cities - Beijing and Shenzhen - with ...

  • Entrenching geopolitical imaginations: brand(ing) Turkey through Orhan Pamuk 

    Authors:Yalkın, Çağrı; Yanık, Lerna K.
    Publisher and Date:(Palgrave Macmillan Ltd., 2020)
    This study focuses on how through consumers the market reproduces a discourse that aligns with the political and the cultural spheres. By drawing on fields of production and consumption we turn to how both Turkey as a nation-brand and Orhan Pamuk as a cultural producer are produced and consumed at the nexus of political and cultural fields. Based on the analysis of data comprising of interviews with Orhan Pamuk and Amazon consumer reviews of his work we argue that the consumers of Pamuk’s works ...