Recent Submissions

  • Financial inclusion and bank stability: evidence from Europe 

    Authors:Danışman, Gamze Öztürk; Tarazi, Amine
    Publisher and Date:(Routledge Journals, 2020)
    The Great Recession of 2007-2009 piqued the interest of policymakers worldwide, prompting various initiatives to stabilize the financial system and advance financial inclusion. However, few studies have considered their interconnectedness or whether any synergies or trade-offs exist between them. This paper investigates how financial inclusion affects the stability of the European banking system. The findings indicate that advancements in financial inclusion through more account ownership and ...

  • The impact of short selling on intraday volatility: evidence from the Istanbul stock exchange 

    Authors:Çankaya, Serkan; Eken, Mehmet Hasan; Ulusoy, Veysel
    Publisher and Date:(IEEE, 2012)
    This paper examines the interrelation between short selling and volatility as differing from previous research in that it focuses on intraday activities rather than the daily price movements. We demonstrate that the effects of short selling activity changes during the two sessions of the day and rest of trading hours. The study also presents evidence that there is a considerable amount of short selling activity in the Istanbul Stock Exchange (ISE) particularly at the beginning of opening sessions ...

  • The effect of European and global uncertainty on stock returns of travel and leisure companies 

    Authors:Ersan, Oguz; Akron, Sagi; Demir, Ender
    Publisher and Date:(Sage Publications Ltd, 2019)
    This article aims to evaluate the impact of economic policy uncertainty (EPU) on the STOXX Europe 600 Travel & Leisure Price Index by utilizing a monthly data set for 20 years through 1997-2016. It is found that both the European and the global EPU have significant negative effects on the stock returns of travel and leisure companies. We demonstrate the significantly superior forecasting power of EPU measures on tourism and leisure stock returns relative to a rather weak forecasting power of various ...