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    rt and design education enable students to find creative and logical solutions to various design problems. The use of materials, constructive analysis, craftmanship, and originality are some key criteria in the process. Size and dimensionality, the proportion analysis, expression integrity, substantiality, and presentability can vary depending on the project and the context. As one of the methods used to provide targeted experience and learning in art and design education, interdisciplinary work ...

  • An English Missionary Society in Adrianople: Evangelicalism, Millenialism and the Jews 

    Authors:Sağ, Mustafa Kaan
    Publisher and Date:(Türk Tarih Kurumu, 2019)
    British Society for the Propagation of the Gospel among the Jews (BSPGJ) was founded in1842 in London in order to convert Jews to Christianity. In the second half of the 19th century the society established several mission centres in Europe and North Africa, including Edirne in 1865. By offering medical and educational service the society converted a great number of Jews to Christianity. In the beginning of the 20t h century the mission became active in the form of an educational institution called ...

  • Waqf Inscription of Umur Beg: A Study on Inspiration and Context 

    Authors:Keskin, Mustafa Çağhan
    Publisher and Date:(Istanbul 29 Mayis Univ & Isam, 2019)
    The waqf inscription located at the mosque that was built by Umur Bey is one of the earliest serious attempts in Ottoman cultural world representing daily Turkish spoken by common people have been transferred from paper to public space. Umur Bey was influenced and inspired by the commisioner of the Turkish waqf inscription in Kutahya Germiyanoglu II. Yakup an intellectual member of governor elite whom he knew for several years. Umur Bey's preference of Turkish language whom was a part of the Turkish ...