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  • A Serbian Princess in Ottoman Palace: Mileva Olivera Lazarevic 

    Authors:Keskin, Mustafa Caghan
    Publisher and Date:(Ahmet Yesevi University, 2017)
    Born as the daughter of the serbian Knez Lazar taken into the Ottoman palace marrying Bayezid I (The Thunderbolt) who gave her father's execution order became the slave of Timur (Tamerlane) after the Battle of Ankara and when set free turning back to her country Olivera had a life full of trauma and tragedies resembling a romantic adventure According to the serbian she was a hero who sacrificed herself for her country according to the Ottomans she was a bad woman who adapted Bayezid to alcohol and ...

  • Waqf Inscription of Umur Beg: A Study on Inspiration and Context 

    Authors:Keskin, Mustafa Caghan
    Publisher and Date:(Istanbul 29 Mayis Univ & Isam, 2019)
    The waqf inscription located at the mosque that was built by Umur Bey is one of the earliest serious attempts in Ottoman cultural world representing daily Turkish spoken by common people have been transferred from paper to public space. Umur Bey was influenced and inspired by the commisioner of the Turkish waqf inscription in Kutahya Germiyanoglu II. Yakup an intellectual member of governor elite whom he knew for several years. Umur Bey's preference of Turkish language whom was a part of the Turkish ...