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  • Regression model for interior design cost estimate in preliminary stage 

    Authors:Yazicioglu, Deniz Ayse
    Publisher and Date:(Elsevier Science Bv, 2012)
    Cost factors become even more important in the design of the kitchen which is remodeled 34% more than any other room of the house. For this reason the purpose of this study was to propose a reliable kitchen cost estimate model that can be used during the pre-design stages. The first stage of the methodology consisted of defining the limits and the parameters of the model. Next 1.309 kitchen design projects were analyzed for data and a regression model based on the correlations between these data ...

  • New forms of design education 

    Authors:Ozkaynak, Mine Gokce; Ust, Selin
    Publisher and Date:(Elsevier Science Bv, 2012)
    Design has been in a period of change for the last decade but design education and more specifically design educators haven't kept up with these transformations. As a result design students continue to learn outdated methods and techniques. A designer needs to understand processes methods and mediums of design. At all of these levels the process is the same while methods may change slightly and the medium differs dramatically. Without expertise in mediums a designer is only able to facilitate what ...

  • İç mimarlık eğitiminde yaratıcı drama 

    Oyun; insanın varoluşundan bu yana doğasında bulunan bir özelliktir. Yaratıcı Drama, insanı var eden yaratıcılık, hayal gücü, cesaret gibi öğeleriyle temeli doğaçlamaya dayanan bir ifade yöntemi sayılabilir. Bu çalışma, Yaratıcı Drama’nın sunduğu fırsatlar ve sağladığı kazanımlar göz önüne alınarak drama etkinliği alternatif bir yöntem olarak iç mimari tasarım eğitiminde kullanımını irdelemeyi amaçlar. Makale Kadir Has Üniversitesi Sanat ve Tasarım Fakültesi İç Mimarlık Proje I stüdyosu ...

  • London 2012 olympic and paralympic games-Acoustic design aspects of temporary venues 

    Authors:Şaher, Konca; Cahill, Ben
    Publisher and Date:(European Acoustics Association EAA, 2014)
    This paper concentrates on the acoustic design aspects of the Temporary Venues at London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The project needed integration of individuals from various different client groups consultants and contractors into one team to work in a multi-disciplinary way. Atkins-Acoustics Noise and Vibration Consultancy worked with venue design team project managers sustainability consultants from London Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) and architects. ...

  • Acoustic design guidelines for adults with intellectual disability 

    This paper concentrates on the acoustic design aspects of the living rooms in institutions for adults with intellectually disability. In the living rooms for adults with ID there is even a higher stress on the acoustics since they are more dependent on the acoustical environment compared to normal population. Moreover prevalence of hearing impairment among adults with ID is around 30% and in most cases it is not even recognised. Therefore the rooms for adults with ID need to be designed by taking ...

  • Room Acoustic Modelling of a Reverberation Chamber 

    This paper aims at comparing measured broadband reverberation time values in the reverberation chamber of Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey - National Metrology Institute (TUBITAK-UME) in Gebze Turkey with the simulated reverberation time values from the room acoustical modelling of the same reverberation chamber. The reverberation chamber in TUBITAK-UME has a volume of 263m3 total inner surface area of 262 m2 and 16 diffusers made of Plexiglas and hung randomly in the room. ...

  • Mountain Bike Venue Test Event Noise Assessment London 2012 Olympic And Paralympic Games 

    Authors:Şaher, Konca
    Publisher and Date:(Studıo D-Akustika Sro, 2016)
    This article reports the results of the noise monitoring during the London 2012 Mountain Biking Test Event which was held at Hadleigh Farm. The noise monitoring was held during the Mountain Bike Test Event for two purposes: Firstly as part of the requirements of Environmental Management Plan for the Test Event to ensure that no noise disturbance was being caused and the noise levels were below the agreed criterion of 65 dB(A) at the noise sensitive receptors during the Test Event and secondly to ...

  • A Serbian Princess in Ottoman Palace: Mileva Olivera Lazarevic 

    Authors:Keskin, Mustafa Caghan
    Publisher and Date:(Ahmet Yesevi University, 2017)
    Born as the daughter of the serbian Knez Lazar taken into the Ottoman palace marrying Bayezid I (The Thunderbolt) who gave her father's execution order became the slave of Timur (Tamerlane) after the Battle of Ankara and when set free turning back to her country Olivera had a life full of trauma and tragedies resembling a romantic adventure According to the serbian she was a hero who sacrificed herself for her country according to the Ottomans she was a bad woman who adapted Bayezid to alcohol and ...

  • Early Steps in Automated Behavior Mapping via Indoor Sensors 

    Authors:Arsan, Taner; Kepez, Orçun
    Publisher and Date:(MDPI, 2017)
    Behavior mapping (BM) is a spatial data collection technique in which the locational and behavioral information of a user is noted on a plan layout of the studied environment. Among many indoor positioning technologies we chose Wi-Fi BLE beacon and ultra-wide band (UWB) sensor technologies for their popularity and investigated their applicability in BM. We tested three technologies for error ranges and found an average error of 1.39 m for Wi-Fi in a 36 m(2) test area (6m x 6 m) 0.86 m for the BLE ...

  • Waqf Inscription of Umur Beg: A Study on Inspiration and Context 

    Authors:Keskin, Mustafa Caghan
    Publisher and Date:(Istanbul 29 Mayis Univ & Isam, 2019)
    The waqf inscription located at the mosque that was built by Umur Bey is one of the earliest serious attempts in Ottoman cultural world representing daily Turkish spoken by common people have been transferred from paper to public space. Umur Bey was influenced and inspired by the commisioner of the Turkish waqf inscription in Kutahya Germiyanoglu II. Yakup an intellectual member of governor elite whom he knew for several years. Umur Bey's preference of Turkish language whom was a part of the Turkish ...

  • Collaborative design of an active learning classroom with high school students and teachers 

    Authors:Kepez, Orçun; Ust, Selin
    Publisher and Date:(EMERALD GROUP PUBLISHING LTD, 2020)
    Purpose - The aim of this study is to understand classroom settings desired by high school students and teachers in an active learning classroom. The research question is whether students and teachers will differ from each other when designing an active learning classroom. Design/methodology/approach - In an effort to design a learning environment for an advanced placement programme, action research methodology was followed by conducting a participatory workshop in a real active learning classroom ...