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  • Homeomorphic architecture: Radial prisons and contracted graphs 

    Authors:Gökmen, Sabri
    Publisher and Date:(SAGE PUBLICATIONS LTD, 2020)
    This paper introduces a type of graph called 'homeomorphically irreducible tree' (HIT) and explores its analytical and computational aspects in the architecture of radial prison plans. As a theoretical introduction, HITs are first diagrammatically presented using a taxonomy of 20 different radial prisons. Using this analysis, a generative algorithm that transforms plan connectivity to a simple sequential numeric representation is developed. This method is applied as an architectural plan generator ...

  • Metamorphic Leaves 

    Authors:Gökmen, Sabri
    Publisher and Date:(Mıt Press, 2020)
    This article introduces an algorithm influenced by Goethe's concept of metamorphosis capable of generating a wide range of parametric leaf forms. Metamorphosis is defined as alternating stages of expansion and contraction that are observable during the development of flowering plants. This principle is extended toward leaf morphology, where two main developmental trajectories are outlined. By formulating simple two-dimensional geometric rules, the author tests the concept of metamorphosis on ...

  • Rediscovering Goethe's Concept of Polarity: A New Direction For Architectural Morphogenesis 

    Authors:Gökmen, Sabri
    Publisher and Date:(Middle East Technical University, 2020)
    This paper will introduce Goethe's concept of polarity to discuss its theoretical and computational implications on natural and architectural morphogenesis (1). Polarity, as a dualist principle, is found in most of Goethe's body of works, particularly in his treatise on colour and botanical writings. This concept is explored from a morphogenetic perspective to reconsider Goethe's engagement with natural sciences during Enlightenment where he transfers his ideas on form and growth to architecture. ...