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  • Classification Of Distinct Conformers Of Beta < 2-Adrenergic Receptor (Beta 2-AR) Based On Binding Affinity Of Ligands Through Docking Studies 

    Authors:Akten, Ebru Demet; Dilcan, Gonca
    Publisher and Date:(Amer Chemical Soc, 2016)
    B2AR reseptörü, akciğerlerin rahatlamasında ve kardiyovasküler fizyolojide rol oynamasıyla önemli bir ilaç hedefidir. Bu çalışmada, çeşitli B2AR konformasyonlarını aktif veya inaktif olarak sınıflandırmak amacıyla, aktivitesi bilinen ligantlar seçilerek onların bağlanma şekillerine göre bir sınıflandırma stratejisi oluşturulmuştur. Önceki bir çalışmada gerçekleştirilen, reseptörün inaktif halinin 2.8 μs'lik MD simülasyonunda, ligandın bağlanma bölgesinin farklı konformasyonları ...

  • Computation of two-variable mixed element network functions 

    Authors:Tabassum, Nauman
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2017)
    in this dissertation the algorithm known as “Standard Decomposition Technique (SDT)” is used together with Belevitch’s canonic representation of scattering polynomial for two-port networks operate on high frequency to find the analytical solutions for “Fundamental equation set (FES)”. This FES is extracted by using Belevitch canonic polynomials “ ??(?? ??) ?(?? ??) and ??(?? ??)” used for the description of mixed lumped and distributed lossless two-port cascaded networks in two variables of degree ...

  • Physical layer security in the visible light communications systems 

    Authors:Bektaş, Ekin Başak
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2020)
    With the rapid developments in technology in recent years, the need for fast and secure access to information has been increasing day by day. With this increasing demand, the radio frequency (RF) band which used for wireless communication is rapidly filling and even the limit is approached. Therefore, this increasing need day by day has led to the emergence of a new research area. Many researchers from both academia and industry are looking for an alternative route. Visible light communication ...

  • Protecting openflow switches against Denial of Service Attacks 

    This paper presents a novel approach to protect Openflow switches against a type of Denial of Service (DoS) attacks. Openflow switches are the core of Software Defined Networks (SDN) and they are very flexible programmable and can be used for several functionalities within a network. As the control algorithm of the switch is implemented on a separate computer (Controller) this software can be implemented on any part of the network packet including Layers 2 3 and 4 headers. Therefore an Openflow ...

  • Real Frequency Design of Pi and T Matching Networks with Complex Terminations 

    Authors:Şengül, Metin Y.; Yeşilyurt, Gökmen
    Publisher and Date:(IEEE, 2017)
    In this paper real frequency design of Pi and T matching networks with complex terminations is studied. Generally the generator and load termination impedances are given as measurement values. So they can be regarded as a resistor and a reactive element connected in series. To be able to design a Pi network this series impedance models must be transformed to parallel models. But for T network designs the assumed series models can be utilized there is no need a transformation process. Then Pi or T ...