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dc.contributor.authorYetgin, Feyzullah
dc.contributor.authorFındıkoğlu, T. Sinan
dc.description.abstractFacilities management became a structure including residences which became large scale and complex structures and versatile service companies. Sector's definition is extending day by day and the scope of the sector now includes a broad assets management support services and human skills. Small to large a lot of facilities management companies are active in Turkey. Most of these are not institutionalized companies. Facilities management sector in Turkey is a recently developing sector. This study aims to fill the background of the issue with example practices whilst informing about the place of facilities management in Turkey.
dc.publisherVilnius Gediminas Technical Univ Press Technika
dc.subjectFacilities management
dc.subjectProject management
dc.subjectReal estate management
dc.titleFacilities management in Turkey
dc.typeProceedings Paper
dc.relation.journal9th International Conference: Modern Building Materials, Structures And Techniques, Vols 1-3
dc.contributor.khasauthorYetgin, Feyzullah
dc.contributor.khasauthorFındıkoğlu, T. Sinan

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