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dc.contributor.authorAherrera, Angela
dc.contributor.authorÇarkoğlu, Aslı
dc.contributor.authorHayran, Mutlu
dc.contributor.authorErgör, Gül
dc.contributor.authorErgüder, Toker
dc.contributor.authorKaplan, Bekir
dc.contributor.authorSusan, Jolie
dc.contributor.authorZheng, Laura
dc.contributor.authorCohen, Joanna E.
dc.contributor.authorNavas-Acien, Ana
dc.description.abstractIntroduction In 2009 Turkey extended the smoke-free legislation to hospitality venues. Compliance however remains low in some hospitality venues. We identified characteristics associated with knowledge of health effects that can be prevented by the smoke-free law the attitude towards and enforcement of the law. Methods In 2014 we conducted 400 interviews with hospitality venue owners and employees in 7 cities in Turkey. The venues were identified based on a random sampling strategy in a previous phase of the study. Results Over one-third (37.3%) of hospitality owners and employees had adequate knowledge of the health effects from secondhand smoke (SHS) 71.3% had a positive attitude towards the law and 19.5% had personally enforced the law. Participants who worked 70 hours or more per week were more likely to have a positive attitude towards the law. Older individuals women participants working in bars/nightclubs venue owners receiving fines for non-compliance and current smokers were less likely to have a positive attitude towards the law. Participants working in traditional coffee houses former smokers and participants with a high school education or greater were more likely to enforce the law. Smokers who quit or reduced smoking because of the law were more likely to enforce the law compared with those who were not influenced by the law. Conclusions Although the attitude towards the law was positive interventions are needed to increase knowledge on the health effects of SHS and facilitate enforcement of the law particularly among subgroups less likely to have a positive attitude and enforce the law.
dc.publisherBmj Publishing Group
dc.titleFactors that influence attitude and enforcement of the smoke-free law in Turkey: a survey of hospitality venue owners and employees
dc.relation.journalTobacco Control
dc.contributor.khasauthorÇarkoğlu, Aslı

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