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dc.contributor.authorUcal, Meltem Şengün
dc.description.abstractEnd of poverty, the number one Sustainable Development Goal, focuses on ending all kinds of poverty all over the world. The elimination of all forms of poverty continues to be the biggest problem facing humanity today. The most important problems that have been encountered since the beginning of the energy use are the increasing risk of deterioration of energy supply, energy production and energy poverty. The problem of energy poverty among them is widely mentioned in the literature. In general, the studies on the subject focus on how the problem is defined worldwide, its size, its consequences, the obstacles to the elimination of the problem and some solution opportunities. The term “energy poverty” can refer to two different socio-economic issues, depending on the geographical scope of its application: energy affordability in higher income and developed states; inadequate access to “modern” energy services in most low income or developing countries”. Poor people pay a high price for the energy they use, either in cash or by labor. In addition, poor households spend more on energy than wealthy people, not only because their income is much smaller, but also because the fuels and equipment they use are much less efficient than modern fuels and equipment. No country has been able to diminish energy poverty to a great extent without increasing energy use. Decreasing the global inequality in energy is key to reducing income, gender and an inequality in other dimensions such as rural/urban income gaps. From this perspective, the importance of the relationship between energy poverty and sustainable development will be discussed by making comparisons by taking the country cases into consideration in the context of energy efficiency and renewable energy. The regional understanding of these concepts will also be discussed in this context.en_US
dc.subjectEnergy efficiencyen_US
dc.subjectEnergy povertyen_US
dc.subjectEnergy-poor householdsen_US
dc.subjectHousehold energy useen_US
dc.subjectRenewable energyen_US
dc.subjectSustainable developmenten_US
dc.subjectSustainable development goalsen_US
dc.titleEnergy and Sustainable Development from Perspective of Energy Povertyen_US
dc.typeBook chapteren_US
dc.relation.journalAdvanced Sciences and Technologies for Security Applicationsen_US
dc.contributor.khasauthorUcal, Meltem Şengünen_US

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