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dc.contributor.authorHosseini, Haleh
dc.contributor.authorAnpalagan, Alagan
dc.contributor.authorRaahemifar, Kaamran
dc.contributor.authorErküçük, Serhat
dc.contributor.authorHabib, Salman
dc.description.abstractMillimetre-wave (mmWave) 5G communications is an emerging technology to enhance the capacity of existing systems by thousand-fold improvement. Heterogeneous networks employing densely distributed small cells can optimise the available coverage and throughput of 5G systems. Efficiently utilising the spectrum bands by small cells is one of the approaches that will considerably increase the available data rate and capacity of the heterogeneous networks. This challenging task can be achieved by spectrum sensing capability of cognitive radios and new modulation techniques for data transmission. In this study a wavelet-based filter bank is proposed for spectrum sensing and modulation in 5G heterogeneous networks. The proposed technique can mitigate the spectral leakage and interference by adapting the subcarriers according to cognitive information provided by wavelet packet based spectrum sensing (WPSS) and lowering sidelobes using wavelet-based filter bank multicarrier modulation. The performance improvement of WPSS compared with Fourier-based spectrum sensing is verified in terms of power spectral density comparison and probabilities of detection and false alarm. Meanwhile the bit error rate performance demonstrates the superiority of the proposed wavelet-based system compared with its Fourier-based counterpart over the 60 GHz mmWave channel.
dc.publisherInst Engineering Technology-IET
dc.subject5G Mobile Communication
dc.subjectRadio Spectrum Management
dc.subjectCognitive Radio
dc.subjectChannel Bank Filters
dc.subjectWavelet Transforms
dc.subjectMillimetre-Wave 5G Communications
dc.subjectmmWave 5G Communications
dc.subjectDensely Distributed Small Cells
dc.subjectSpectrum Bands
dc.subjectSpectrum Sensing Capability
dc.subjectCognitive Radios
dc.subjectData Transmission
dc.subject5G Heterogeneous Networks
dc.subjectSpectral Leakage
dc.subjectWavelet Packet Based Spectrum Sensing
dc.subjectWavelet-Based Filter Bank Multicarrier Modulation
dc.subjectmmWave Channel
dc.subjectFrequency 60 GHz
dc.titleJoint Wavelet-Based Spectrum Sensing and FBMC Modulation for Cognitive mmWave Small Cell Networks
dc.relation.journalIET Communications
dc.contributor.khasauthorErküçük, Serhat

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