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  • Use of data visualization in news reporting in Turkey 

    Authors:Demirel, Sadettin
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2018)
    The purpose of this thesis is to reveal the current state of the use of data visualization in news reporting and challenges of integrating data visualization in news making in Turkey. Unlike the previous studies’ graphic design perspective to the subject of data visualization this thesis approached the subject of data visualization from the journalistic perspective in Turkey. Mixed method approach was used to scrutinize the subject of the thesis. The method contains two components which are a ...

  • The uses of digital media in overthrow the coup :the case of 15 July 2016 coup in Turkey 

    Authors:Abuyounis, Bassam
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2018)
    The internet became the biggest network worldwide and Facebook became the largest virtual community with 2 billion users around the world in the last six years. The Middle East has witnessed several revolutions in many countries such as Tunisia Egypt Libya Yemen and Syria and a military intervention took place in Egypt in July 2013. All these developments are deeply related with the speedy revolution on the internet especially the social media. People in those cases used the social media to ...

  • Vacillation in Turkey's Popular Global TV Exports: Toward a More Complex Understanding of Distribution 

    Authors:Alankuş, Sevda; Yanardağoğlu, Eylem
    Publisher and Date:(USC Annenberg Press, 2016)
    Audience demand for Turkey's TV series has increased their strength in the regional market and beyond. By mid-2014 more than 70 Turkish TV dramas reached audiences in 75 countries. Some experts have characterized this as neo-Ottoman cool, referring to Turkey's growing "soft power" role in successfully combining Islam with democracy. However, survey data from 16 Arab countries, previous audience studies, and our in-depth interviews with Istanbul-based producers and distributors refute this. Neo-Ottoman ...