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  • A Generic Framework for Building Heterogeneous Simulations of Parallel and Distributed Computing Systems 

    Authors:Dursun, Taner; Daǧ, Hasan
    Publisher and Date:(Springer Heidelberg, 2017)
    There have been many systems available for parallel and distributed computing (PDC) applications such as grids clusters super-computers clouds peer-to-peer and volunteer computing systems. High-performance computing (HPC) has been an obvious candidate domain to take advantage of PDC systems. Most of the research on HPC has been conducted with simulations and has been generally focused on a specific type of PDC system. This paper however introduces a general purpose simulation model that can be ...

  • HeteroSim: Heterogeneous simulation framework 

    In order to arrange heterogeneous simulation executions it would be useful to have simulation tools that enable easy and fast creation of simulation sessions employing real-time software components beside simulation codes. Although there have been considerable amount of research activities in simulation community the current simulation tools are not sufficiently capable to support such a cooperation between components working in real-time and simulation-time. In this paper we propose a new approach ...