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  • Self-reported traffic accidents and sleepiness in a professional group of Turkish drivers 

    Authors:Öztürk, Levent; Tufan, Yüksel; Güler, Fazil
    Publisher and Date:(2002)
    Sleepiness in professional drivers is widely accepted to be an important cause of traffic accidents. Despite growing knowledge of the prevalence of sleepiness in automobile and truck drivers estimates from different countries vary on the extent to which sleepiness is a cause of motor vehicle accidents. We have performed a study assessing the sleep characteristics and symptoms of disordered sleep as well as sleep related traffic accidents in a group of professional drivers by using a self-reported ...

  • Strangers to and producers of their own culture: American popular culture and Turkish young people 

    Authors:O'Neil, Mary Lou; Güler, Fazil
    Publisher and Date:(2010)
    American popular culture is virtually everywhere including Turkey. Turkey is a close ally of the United States and American cultural products have long been present in Turkey. How does the presence of American popular culture in Turkey affect young people? Employing a series of focus groups comprised of Turkish university students we explored the meanings they attach to American popular culture and the place it has in their lives. What emerged was a portrait of Turkish young people constructing ...

  • The not so new Turkish woman: A statistical look at women in two Istanbul neighborhoods 

    Authors:O'Neil, Mary Lou; Güler, Fazil
    Publisher and Date:(2009)
    Using survey data gathered from nearly 400 women living in two Istanbul neighborhoods this article explores issues of work education family and feminism. In addition to presenting the findings we argue that there is a continued gap between the ideal of the Republican woman and the actual practices of this group of Turkish women. The picture of these Turkish women that emerged from this survey is that of women still largely in the grips of an ideal born in the early days of the Turkish Republic. ...