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  • The collector's world 

    The article discusses the figure of the collector. We start with positioning the collector in relation to a lack, emphasizing that collecting is not about aesthetic beauty, pleasure or even perfectness, but primarily about filling a gap. The collection itself is merely a by-product of the desire to collect. Discussing how this desire is socially mediated, we move on to contextualizing the collector in relation to the distinction between the useful and the useless. We stress, in this context, that ...

  • "Life is a state of mind' - on fiction, society and Trump 

    Authors:Diken, Bülent; Laustsen, Carsten Bagge
    Publisher and Date:(Routledge Journals, 2017)
    The article undertakes an allegorical double reading of Being There and Trump as instances of what we call socio-fiction. Crucially in this respect, reality and fiction are not two opposed realms. The two realms always interact in subtle ways, which is why cinema can be a resource for diagnostic social analysis. We first articulate a general commentary on the relationship between cinema and society, introducing the concept of socio-fiction'. Secondly, we analyse Peter Sellers' Being There, an ...

  • Terror as potentiality - the affective rhythms of the political 

    Authors:Diken, Bülent; Laustsen, Carsten Bagge
    Publisher and Date:(Routledge Journals, 2018)
    The paper addresses the ways in which the cultural, the affective and the political intersect, counter and/or feed upon one another in the context of contemporary terror. Initially, building upon Machiavelli and Hobbes, we deal with the political significance of terror (and the fear it provokes), emphasizing its potentiality, which inscribes future within the present. Then we turn to an analysis of terror in the prism of securitization. Terror, in this respect, amounts to de-materialization (the ...