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  • Accurate indoor positioning with ultra-wide band sensors 

    Authors:Arsan, Taner
    Publisher and Date:(Tubitak, 2020)
    Ultra-wide band is one of the emerging indoor positioning technologies. In the application phase, accuracy and interference are important criteria of indoor positioning systems. Not only the method used in positioning, but also the algorithms used in improving the accuracy is a key factor. In this paper, we tried to eliminate the effects of off-set and noise in the data of the ultra-wide band sensor-based indoor positioning system. For this purpose, optimization algorithms and filters have been ...

  • Development of a supervised classification method to construct 2D mineral maps on backscattered electron images 

    Authors:Camalan, Mahmut; Çavur, Mahmut
    Publisher and Date:(Tubitak, 2020)
    The Mineral Liberation Analyzer (MLA) can be used to obtain mineral maps from backscattered electron (BSE) images of particles. This paper proposes an alternative methodology that includes random forest classification, a prospective machine learning algorithm, to develop mineral maps from BSE images. The results show that the overall accuracy and kappa statistic of the proposed method are 97% and 0.94, respectively, proving that random forest classification is accurate. The accuracy indicators ...

  • The impact of text preprocessing on the prediction of review ratings 

    Authors:Işık, Muhittin; Daǧ, Hasan
    Publisher and Date:(Tubitak, 2020)
    With the increase of e-commerce platforms and online applications, businessmen are looking to have a rating and review system through which they can easily reveal the feelings of customers related to their products and services. It is undeniable from the statistics that online ratings and reviews attract new customers as well as increase sales by means of providing confidence, ratification, opinions, comparisons, merchant credibility, etc. Although considerable research has been devoted to the ...