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  • A survey analysis on the investment attitudes of individual investors 

    Authors:Öztürkkal, Belma
    Publisher and Date:(Bilgesel Yayincilik San & Tic Ltd, 2013)
    This study aims to analyze determinants of trading behavior of individual investors where a survey of 55 questions on 85 people is used. The survey is composed of four parts: demographic properties perceived emotions investment preferences portfolio diversification. The findings show that investors are subject to home bias and the surveyed investors prefer to invest in local equity market. The findings show that older investors have less investment confidence and more diversification where number ...

  • Art investment: hedging or safe haven through financial crises 

    Authors:Öztürkkal, Belma; Toğan-Eğrican, Aslı
    Publisher and Date:(Springer, 2020)
    We analyze long-term art auction sales data focusing on and around financial crisis periods with other investment returns to understand whether art can be considered a safe haven during volatile times or a hedging option in general by analyzing art auction data in a volatile emerging market. Our findings suggest Turkish art returns are either negatively correlated or at low correlation with other investments, including the equity market. We have the view that art can be considered a hedging mechanism ...

  • Determinants of Investment in Turkey: A Firm-Level Investigation 

    In this article we analyze the financing constraints-investment link for the case of Turkey between 1996 and 2013. As different from the existing studies on Turkey we use a more comprehensive data set that includes both publicly-traded and privately-owned firms and analyze the differences in constraints across small- and medium-sized firms and large firms. In addition to the commonly used cash-flow sensitivities we use alternative measures of constraints build from multiple firm specific variables. ...

  • Investment on human capital in a dynamic contest model 

    Authors:Keskin, Kerim; Sağlam, Çağrı
    Publisher and Date:(Walter De Gruyter Gmbh, 2019)
    Although most contest games are modeled in such a way that the outcome depends only on the efforts exerted by the contestants what is arguably more important is the contestants' effective efforts which may be influenced also by their ability human capital strength etc. In this paper we investigate an extensive model including such an effectiveness parameter and analyze the optimal investment behavior in a dynamic conflict framework. At each period two contestants compete for a common prize by ...

  • Rapid Economic Growth and Its Sustainability in China 

    China has recorded remarkable growth rates for three and a half decades. Recently, the annual growth rate has slowed down and is projected to decline gradually to 5 % by 2030. This article examines how high economic growth was realized in the past and whether it can be sustained in the future. In doing this, the paper takes into consideration the projections about future growth rates. The article emphasizes that the main reason for the reduction in the future growth rates is the ...

  • The role of intangible assets in explaining the investment-profit puzzle 

    Authors:Orhangazi, Özgür
    Publisher and Date:(Oxford Univ Press, 2019)
    Starting around the early 2000s, and especially after the 2008 crisis, the rate of capital accumulation for US nonfinancial corporations has slowed down despite relatively high profitability; indicating a weakening of the link between profitability and investment. While the literature mostly focuses on financialisation and globalisation as the reasons behind this slowdown, I suggest adding another layer to these explanations and argue that, in conjunction with financialisation and globalisation, ...