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  • A fuzzy AHP approach to evaluating machine tool alternatives 

    Authors:Ayaǧ, Zeki; Özdemir, Rifat Gürcan
    Publisher and Date:(Springer, 2006)
    Selecting process of a machine tool has been very important issue for companies for years because the improper selection of a machine tool might cause of many problems affecting negatively on productivity precision flexibility and company's responsive manufacturing capabilities. On the other hand selecting the best machine tool from its increasing number of existing alternatives in market are multiple-criteria decision making (MCDM) problem in the presence of many quantitative and qualitative ...

  • An intelligent approach to machine tool selection through fuzzy analytic network process 

    Authors:Ayaǧ, Zeki; Özdemir, Rıfat Gürcan
    Publisher and Date:(Springer, 2011)
    In this study we utilize analytic network process (ANP) a more general form of AHP for justifying stand-alone machine tools out of available alternatives in market due to the fact that AHP cannot accommodate the variety of interactions dependencies and feedback between higher and lower level elements. However due to the vagueness and uncertainty on judgments of a decision-maker the crisp pair wise comparison in the conventional ANP seems to be insufficient and imprecise to capture the right judgments ...

  • Evaluating machine tool alternatives through modified TOPSIS and alpha-cut based fuzzy ANP 

    Authors:Ayaǧ, Zeki; Özdemir, Rıfat Gürcan
    Publisher and Date:(Elsevier Science Bv, 2012)
    The problem of machine tool selection among available alternatives has been critical issue for most companies in fast-growing markets for a long time. In the presence of many alternatives and selection criteria the problem becomes a multiple-criteria decision making (MCDM) machine tool selection problem. Therefore most companies have utilized various methods to successfully carry out this difficult and time-consuming process. In this work both of the most used MCDM methods the modified TOPSIS and ...