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  • Anomaly detection in time series 

    Authors:Al-Bayati, Taha A.
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2019)
    The concept of "Internet of Things" is based on connecting any physical object through the internet. This will facilitate our daily lives by dedicating technology in our will. In such a world, the number other interconnected devices is enormous, hence, the need for high performance processing in real-time is huge. This research shines light on the importance of the event processing and machine learning in the time series. A multiple of machine learning algorithms such as support vector machine, ...

  • Applying machine learning algorithms in sales prediction 

    Authors:Sekban, Judi
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2019)
    Makine öğrenimi bir çok endüstride üzerinde yoğun çalışmalar yapılan bir konu olmuştur, ve neyse ki şirketler kendi problemlerini çözebilecek çeşitli machine learning yaklaşımları hakkında günden güne daha fazla bilgi sahibi oluyorlar. Fakat, farklı makine öğreniminin modellerinden en iyi şekilde sonuç almak ve verimli sonuçlara ulaşabilmek için, modellerin uygulanış biçimlerini ve verinin doğasını iyi anlamak gerekir. Bu tez, belli bir tahmin görevi için, uygulanan ...

  • Automatic detection of mgd level (Meibomian gland dysfunction) 

    Authors:Bütün, Alp Eren
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2019)
    MGD is a common, clinical disease which is the major cause of dry eye. Meibography is a study in order to observe meibomian glands. A meibography image is the infrared photograph of the inner part of eyelids of the patient. Physicians are using meibography images to diagnose MGD. The important result from the infrared meibography image is the level of the disease. Using the level, the appropriate treatment is decided by the physician. Aim of this thesis is to develop the automatic software to ...

  • Big data platform development with a telecom DSL 

    Authors:Senbalci, Cuneyt
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2013)
    The amount of data in our world has shown exponential growth in recent years. This creates a very large collection of data sets –so called big data- in many organizations. Enterprises want to process their own big data to generate values from data to improve productivity innovation and customer relationship better than their competitors. However big data is so large and complex that it becomes difficult to process using traditional database management techniques. in this paper we present a system ...

  • Comparison and analysis of various indoor positioning systems techniques 

    Authors:Demirkol, Derya
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2016)
    indoor Positioning has been a research subject in order to facilitate people life easier. Different type of methods has been implemented and tested by the years. The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite based navigation system. This technique is using outdoor environment to navigate people or buildings. in indoor positioning GPS signals are usually too weak to provide accurate positioning estimate. Other technique need to investigate to get better result of accuracy. Ultrasonic Positioning ...

  • Concept map based learning system 

    Authors:Çolak, Duygu
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2014)
    Concept Map is a training technique which accelerates facilitates and consolidates the learning process. Concept map uses concepts and connections between concepts to train and transmit the information during education. A web application which is based on this technique has been developed. The application is designed for the teachers from different branches students for various ages and everyone who wants to teach and learn any subject. The application is web based and designed for different screen ...

  • Developing novel techniques for spatial domain LSB i̇mage steganography 

    Authors:Shehzad, Danish
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2019)
    Steganography is one of the most noteworthy information hiding mechanism, which is used as an alternative to cryptography in order to provide adequate data security. Image steganography is one of the key types of steganography where a message to be transmitted is hidden inside a cover image. The most commonly used techniques for image steganography rely on LSB Steganography. In this thesis, new techniques are developed for LSB image steganography to achieve maximum security, optimal data capacity ...

  • Dynamic load balancing in distributed systems: “hands of god” in parallel programming with MPi 

    Authors:Tabrizi, Aliakbar Sadeghi Khameneh
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2014)
    in today’s technology what really is missing in computer systems is more artificial intelligence and in the same time implanting lots of intelligence in computer systems is not as easy as it sounds but even one step ahead to make computer software to act more efficient and intelligent is noteworthy. MPiCH is a message passing interface framework designed to be the host for parallel programs but like too many other great programming frameworks development of MPiCH is ongoing and once a while we are ...

  • Energy trading in Turkish power market through options bileteral agreements and spot market 

    Authors:Tasdemir, Ecem Ezgi
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2013)
    in today’s world electricity energy which has a vital place in energy market is irreplaceable in any field because of being the basic entry in production factors and because of continuous increasing demand to electricity thanks to technological development. Especially in our country which has a rapid acceleration for the last decade by reorganizing Electricity Energy Market it is aimed to build a competitive structure in production and retail transactions. Also with the process of development in ...

  • Global many- to - many aligment of multiple protein-protein interaction networks 

    Authors:Alkan, Ferhat
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2013)
    Proteins are essential parts of organisms and almost every biological process within a living cell is mediated by proteins and their interactions. Due to such importance, proteins are at the core of many researches in systems biology and evolutionary biology. In particular, defining the function of a protein and identfying functionally orthologous proteins are crucially important in many research areas and precise function of a protein can only be defined by biochemical and structural studies. ...

  • Hybrid kmeans clustering algorithm 

    Authors:Çolakoğlu, Mustafa Alp
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2013)
    From the past up to the present size of the data is rapidly increasing day by day. Growing dimensions of this data can be held in databases is seen as a disadvantage. Companies have seen this information in databases as an excellent resource for increasing profitability. According to this source the profiles of the customers can be clustering and new products can be presented for cluster customers. So data mining algorithms are needed for rapidly examine these sources of information and obtaining ...

  • Implementation of information technology infrastructure library (ITIL) processes 

    Authors:Odabaşı, Selma Yilmaz
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2011)
    Several frameworks tools and standards have been included in iT management systems in organizations such as COBiT CMMS. These days iT management is focusing particularly on the de facto standard iTiL for implementing iT service management. The information Technology infrastructure Library (iTiL) is a public framework that describes good practices in iT service management. it has been drawn from both the public and private sectors internationally. iTiL helps organizations to become aware of the ...

  • Implementation of Pci-Dss V3.0 information security standards 

    Authors:Taşdemir, Özgür
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2015)
    Way of doing business has changed with rapid spread of the internet and mobile devices and payment systems must keep up with that. Most of the monetary transactions are done electronically and percentage of internet trade is growing rapidly. information is being more important for companies and individuals when it comes to payment systems. Fraudulent transaction rates have been increased significantly with the positioning of payment systems in public networks such as the internet and Wi-Fi which ...

  • Importance of Data Preprocessing For Improving Classification Performance on CAC Data Set 

    Authors:Sayın, Kamran Emre
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2012)
    Data Mining usage in Health Sector increased much in this decade because of the need

  • Improving the accuracy of indoor positioning system 

    Authors:Hameez, Mohammed Muwafaq Noori
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2019)
    Indoor positioning applications needs high accuracy and precision to overcome the existing obstacles and relatively small areas. There are several methods which could be used to locate an object or people in an indoor location. Specifically, Ultra-wide band (UWB) sensor technology is a promising technology in indoor environments because of its high accuracy, resistance of interference and better penetrating. This thesis is focused on improving the accuracy of UWB sensor based indoor positioning ...

  • Indoor location estimation through redundant lateration for indoor positioning system 

    Authors:Khudhuragha, Mohammed
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2017)
    The simplest way to describe indoor Positioning Systems (iPS) is that it’s like a Global Positioning System (GPS) for indoor environments. iPS can be used to locate objects or people inside buildings typically via a mobile device such as a smart watch orsmart phone or tablet. Although the technology is newer than GPS services that leverage iPS are quickly gaining attention in places like art galleries museums shopping malls hospitals airports and other indoor venues where navigation and other ...

  • Location estimation of base station of mobile phones using artificial neural networks 

    Authors:Cengiz, Ramazan
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2016)
    Finding the location of the base station of mobile phones is a problem. There are different approaches and methods for finding location in the literature. A solution to this problem is using “supervised learning” method. Recently supervised learning technology is used in solving problems. For example computer is trained and fed by necessary data. This data includes input and ideal targets. After computer is trained properly it can make estimations of new data and give reasonable results. For the ...

  • Parallel programming techniques by using co-array fortran 

    Authors:Odabaşı, Aşkın
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2011)
    Co-array Fortran (CAF) is a small set of extensions to Fortran 90. And also CAF is an emerging model for scalable global address space paralel programming. CAF.s global address space programming model simplifies the development of SPMD paralel programs by shifting the burden for managing the details of communication from developers to compilers. in this study i introduce CAF.s Programming Model provide it.s technical specifications explain CAF.s memory model and PGAS (Partitioned Global Address ...

  • Peer to peer and master-slave topologies for edge computing in internet of things 

    Authors:İbrahim, Mostafa Ziadoon
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2019)
    The rapid increase in the number of devices connected to the Internet has led to a transition from cloud computing to the edge. Edge computing slowly replaces cloud computing due to the increased capacity of mobile devices such as memory, battery, and computing power. These computational and power resources in mobile devices may however become insufficient, especially in time-sensitive and computationally intensive applications. Advanced edge computing will not only improve the performance of your ...

  • Performance comparison of locality sensitive hashing and random forest algorithms for handwritten digits recognition 

    Authors:Cayir, Aykut
    Publisher and Date:(Kadir Has University, 2014)
    The significant increase in data created has caused to come out a new concept which is called big data. in addition to that multidimensional data instances in big data sets have many new features. Therefore some problems become much more critical for data analysis in big data sets. One of these very important problems is classification of multidimensional data instances in big data sets in a reasonable time. Classification is also related to K-Nearest Neighbors problem in machine learning and data ...