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  • Bankacılık sektöründe kaynak maliyeti ve kredi fiyatlamasına etkileri 

    Authors:Ece, Nalan
    Publisher and Date:(2007)
    Bankacılığın temel fonksiyonları kaynaklara aracılık etmek, kaynakların kullanımını geliştirme, atıl ve kısa vadeli birikimleri verimli yatırıma dönüştürme, banka parası oluşturmaktır. Ticaret bankaları ayrıca Merkez Bankasının para politikalarının etkinliğini artırma ve globalleşen Türkiye'de ticaretin gelişmesine katkıda bulunurlar. Ticari şirketler öncelikle özvarlıklarını kullanarak faaliyet gösterirler. Fakat firmalar kaynak yetersizliği durumlarında banka kredilerini kullanarak banka ile ...

  • Building a framework for adopting lean principles to achieve sustainability in solar energy firms: Turkiye as a case study 

    Authors:Aldewachi, Bilal
    Publisher and Date:(2022-09)
    The two terms lean, and sustainability have become one of the most important terms in the field of business because of their role in developing the work in line with increasing profits on the one hand and taking into account the future on the other. Solar energy firms are witnessing great competition to meet energy requirements and suffering from a huge amount of waste, which negatively affects in achieving sustainability. Hence, this study aims to build a framework for solar energy firms to achieve ...

  • A novel communication method for constrained IoT devices 

    Authors:Kocatekin, Tuğberk
    Publisher and Date:(2022-06)
    Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming an established part of life by interconnecting billions of devices in diverse areas such as healthcare, smart homes, industries, etc. However, these devices are limited in memory, energy and computational capabilities. Being constrained prevents them from applying complex cryptographic encryption algorithms which leads to lack of security and therefore lack of privacy. As a solution, we propose a novel secret sharing scheme based on underlying protocols of ...

  • The effect of human-computer interaction (HCI) factors on students' e-learning acceptance and success during COVID-19 pandemic 

    Authors:Al-Sayid, Fareed
    Publisher and Date:(2022-08)
    The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of human-computer interaction (HCI) factors on the ease of use and usefulness of e-learning and their success (SS) at the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, to investigate if students' activities on systems moderate the relationship between the main constructs in the proposed model called "e-LASS," which goes beyond technology adoption, and to explore non-linear relationships between these constructs. Moreover, this study proposes a comprehensive ...

  • Trend forecast and collection management in apparel retail 

    Authors:Arkan, Ramazan
    Publisher and Date:(2022-12)
    This study addresses the new methods and some existing methods with a different approach for trend forecasting and using new trends in the collections in apparel retail industry. There are several approaches to determine the potential of fashion trends. This study describes several approaches for trend forecasting and develops methods for measuring the potential of new fashion trends with unknown potential and without sales data. Firstly, merchandise testing focuses on the process of testing ...

  • Effect of financial factors on export oriented firm performance: An explication for manufacturing industry 

    Authors:Ramzan, Imran
    Publisher and Date:(2022-11)
    Exports at the firm level improve the financial performance and thereby contribute to economic growth. Exporting activities require additional financing and become a challenge for manufacturing firms, thus affecting managerial financing decisions. This thesis attempts to use panel data of manufacturing firms listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange for the period of 2013–2019 and contributes to the literature on leverage, export intensity, and firm growth. This thesis collects the annual data from ...

  • High-pass and low-pass mixed element lossless two-port networks as phase shifters 

    Authors:ÇAKMAK, Gökhan
    Publisher and Date:(2022-07)
    Phase shifters are one of the sub-units in many systems. In active-phased array radar (APAR) systems, digital phase shifters (switched line, reflection, loaded-line, and high pass/low-pass which is the smallest in volume [17]) are used. High-pass/low-pass phase shifters was introduced over 50 years ago [28,40,44]. Besides the size advantage, if their power and phase-bandwidth capabilities are compared with other type phase shifters [7,23,39], high-pass/low-pass phase shifters are the best choice ...

  • The impact of youth academies on financial & sporting success of the leading associations in European football 

    Authors:GENÇ, TOLGA
    Publisher and Date:(2022-06)
    In this study, the financial performances of the top leagues in UEFA's associations in terms of total assets and in many other aspects between 2013-18 were examined with the macroeconomic conditions of the countries they are located in. Premier League (England), La Liga (Spain), Serie A (Italy), Bundesliga (Germany), Ligue 1 (France), Liga NOS (Portugal), Premier Liga (Russia), Süper Lig (Turkey), Eredivisie (the Netherlands), Pro A (Belgium) are included. Along with the countries’ economic and ...

  • Access to finance and firm performance in Africa 

    Authors:Ngalim, Lawrence Maishu
    Publisher and Date:(2022-07)
    Firm growth potentially translates positive effects to the economy, and thus likely to spur growth. Importantly, firm growth is heavily conditioned on financing. This thesis takes an interest on firms’ financing and investigates the importance of external finance for firm-growth in Africa––a geography where financial constraints significantly restrain firms from growth compared to other parts of the world. To understand these effects, I focus on two important regions within Africa–– first is a ...

  • Federated anomaly detection for log-based defense systems 

    Authors:ÜNAL, UĞUR
    Publisher and Date:(2022-04)
    The adaptation of Industry 4.0 and IoT creates a vast network which opens up various new vulnerabilities to systems. Increasing number of cyber attacks becomes more sophisticated which impedes functionality of enterprises and critical infrastructures. Malfunctioning of the services of these systems can cause catastrophic results considering wealth and well-being of a society. Organizations need an intelligent defense system which is adaptable to newer threats to create rapid solutions. Anomaly ...

  • Product and customer segmentation by purchase behavior in e-commerce platforms using stochastic block model 

    Authors:Kafkas, Kenan
    Publisher and Date:(2022-06)
    To attract and maintain lucrative clientele, commercial internet platforms compete with a multitude of competitors by providing appropriate goods and services, em ploying a range of marketing methods to get a competitive edge utilizing their digital trace data. Techniques include a variety of marketing tactics, many of which are based on updated versions of conventional marketing strategies. Working out what consumers want and how to meet their needs is an ongoing task on these platforms. The ...

  • Overlapping regionalism in East Asia: A case study of financial cooperation in APEC, ASEAN and APT 

    Authors:Ermeydan, Burcu
    Publisher and Date:(2022-01)
    This study's primary objective is to understand the notion of overlapping regionalism, which occurs when one state or more than one state becomes a member of more than one regional organization simultaneously. The evolving literature on overlapping regionalism lacks systematic attention to interactions among geographically overlapping regional groups. It aims to examine inter-institutional interactions among overlapping regional institutions, by revealing their characteristics and relationships ...

  • An analysis of Turkish foreign policy toward the turkic world: Identity and institutionalisation 

    Authors:KOÇOĞLU, LÜTFİ
    Publisher and Date:(2022-12)
    The evolving identity literature pays insufficient attention to interactions among states that share a common or similar identity. As a result, this dissertation prefers to investigate inter-state relations among states that claim a common or similar identity. It reveals states' historical experiences and questions the extent of cooperation and the motivations for collaboration in a single framework. Understanding Turkic identity and its influence on Turkish Foreign Policy, revealing Turkey's and ...

  • Ontological insecurity on the European Union's periphery: The case of Greece-Turkey bilateral relations 

    Authors:SOFUOGLU, Nasuh
    Publisher and Date:(2022-06)
    Greece-Turkey bilateral relations have been complex and tense for centuries. Accordingly, Greek and Turkish nationalisms have evolved interrelated to and in contrast with one another. Since Greece and Turkey are located on Europe’s periphery, the European Union has been the persistent and pivotal third party in their bilateral relations. This thesis argues that the strained bilateral relations between Greece and Turkey are not the result of material disputes but the repercussion of the ontological ...

  • Milletlerarası mal satımına ilişkin sözleşmeler hakkında Birleşmiş Milletler Antlaşması (CISG) kapsamında sözleşmenin esaslı ihlali 

    Publisher and Date:(2022-05)
    Bu doktora tezinde, Milletlerarası Mal Satımına İlişkin Sözleşmeler Hakkında Birleşmiş Milletler Antlaşması’nın (CISG) 25. maddesi uyarınca “Esaslı İhlal” kavramı inceleme konusu yapılmıştır. Bu çalışmada, esaslı ihlal doktrini ve örnek yargı kararları doğrultusunda, esaslı ihlalin CISG ifa engelleri sistemindeki merkezi rolü ortaya konulmuştur. Nitekim esaslı ihlalin varlığı halinde sözleşmeden dönme ve malın yenisi ile değişimi gibi ağır hukuki sonuçlar doğuran hukuki yaptırımlara başvurunun önü ...

  • The structuring and institutionalizing of discourses on climate change and security in the United Nations Security Council 

    Authors:Çelenk, Bengü
    Publisher and Date:(2022-06)
    This thesis aims to understand how the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) structured climate change and security discourses and institutionalized them in its practices between 2007-2021. In this regard, Maarten Hajer’s argumentative discourse analysis has been employed to assess how the UNSC structured and institutionalized these discourses. The study additionally formed a multilevel security framework to employ over both the processes of discourse structuring and institutionalizing in order ...

  • Models for electricity demand forecasting, classification, and imbalance reduction in competitive markets 

    Authors:Yükseltan, Ergün
    Publisher and Date:(2023-01)
    In liberalized energy markets, hourly forecasts of consumers and producers are crucial for efficiently using energy resources and reducing environmental impacts. In this study, the countries’ consumption in the ENTSO-E common network between 2006 and 2018 was analyzed using the time series method. With the created model, short, medium, and long-term demand forecasts are made using Fourier Series Expansion. In order to improve the error rate of short-term forecasts, a hybrid model was created with ...

  • Augmented virtual crossmatch for donor-induced antibody prediction by using high resolution human leukocyte antigen typing and human leukocyte antigen epitope mapping for better donor match 

    Authors:Karadeniz, Sedat Tanju
    Publisher and Date:(2023-01)
    The Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) disparity between donors and recipients is the primary driver of Donor Specific Antibodies (DSA) formation and graft rejection after transplantation. We aimed to predict the DSA by finding the HLA antigen mismatches, searching the eplets of antigens that bind to the recipient's anti-HLA antibodies, calculating the number of shared eplets between the mismatched donor HLA antigens and the recipient's pre-transplantation anti-HLA antibody-bound antigens. We have used ...

  • Analysis of the stochastic skiving stock problem 

    Publisher and Date:(2022-04)
    This study addresses the stochastic version of the one-dimensional skiving stock problem (SSP), a rather recent combinatorial optimization challenge. The tradi tional SSP aims to determine the optimal structure that skives (combines) small items of various sizes side-by-side to form as many large items (products) as possible that satisfy a target width. This study considers a single-product and multi-product cases for the stochastic SSP. First, two-stage stochastic programming model is pre sented ...

  • Milletlerarası özel hukukta çocuğun üstün yararı 

    Authors:TUNA, Ekin
    Publisher and Date:(2022-01)
    Çocuk savunmasız, masum ve duyarlı olması nedeniyle korunmaya muhtaçtır. Özellikle sınır aşan uyuşmazlıklarda çocuğun üstün yararının gözetilmesi ve çocuğun korunması önem arz etmektedir. Yabancı hukuklar bu konuda farklı düzenlemelere sahip olabileceğinden çocuğun yararını gerektiği gibi korumak her zaman mümkün olmayabilir. Bu çalışmada, Türk Milletlerarası Özel Hukuk ve Usul Hukuku Hakkında Kanunu'nda (MÖHUK) çocuğun üstün yararı kavramı, çocuğun üstün yararının nasıl ve ne ölçüde gözetildiği ...

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